Master Japanese and Chinese by reading the web. iPhone/iPad universal.
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  • Select a word you don't know.
  • Add it to a word list.
  • Study your list with flashcards.
  • Select a word you don't know.
  • Build a vocab list.
  • Study with flashcards.

Download Polyglot Chinese for free. Download Polyglot Japanese for free.

☆ Master Japanese and Chinese by reading the web! ☆

Polyglot is for Chinese and Japanese learners who want to take their reading to the next level.

☆ Select any word to look it up instantly.
☆ Accumulate vocabulary in word lists.
☆ Master your new words with flashcards.
☆ Now you can go back and read your page fluently.
☆ A rich dictionary of 100,000s of definitions.
☆ No nickle-and-dime in-app purchases! You get it all.
☆ Customizable flashcard study.
☆ Includes a guide to learning languages online.

Read real text--blog posts, domestic news, tweets and Facebook posts--with Polyglot!

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